Managing your care needs can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be…And you don’t have to do it alone.

Scheduling doctor visits, managing health conditions, and understanding changes in medications and care instructions is hard to do on your own.

The Circle Home Telehealth Services Program offers care coordination services to help you better navigate these challenges.

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We Help You Get What You Need

Patients with multiple chronic conditions and medications who live at home can find it very difficult to access and arrange all the services they need to self-manage their care.  

Care coordination covers:

  • Answering questions you have about your health care (medications, treatments, visits, therapies)
  • Talking through your concerns
  • Teaching you how to manage your disease or symptoms
  • Assisting in scheduling appointments and tests
  • Making sure your prescriptions are ordered and filled
  • Reviewing your medications
  • Connecting you with needed services and resources
  • Helping you get equipment and supplies
  • Assessing your need for other support services

The Circle Home Telehealth Services offers a dedicated nurse care coordinator (RN) who will help you get all the care you need that has been prescribed for you and serve as an extension of your primary doctor or nurse practitioner as well as a bridge to your specialists, pharmacy, and other providers.

Your primary care doctor or nurse practitioner wants to make sure you have the support and resources you need to avoid complications that could worsen your health and lead to hospitalization.

Our The Circle Home Program helps eliminate barriers and assist you to:

  • Arrange transportation to appointments
  • Understand complex treatment plans or instructions from your doctors
  • Get your medications and help you know how and when to take them
  • Have clear explanations about your care and treatment plans
  • Make your home safer
  • Avoid emergency room visits, hospital stays, and overcrowded waiting rooms
  • Be heard and have your choices about your care known
  • Live your life as you want to live it

The Circle Home Telehealth Services will surround you with the support you need to achieve a better quality of life, help you get back to the things you love, and most importantly, help you manage your health so that you can live as independently as possible – at home, where you want to be.

Your family, friends, and caregivers are an important part of your care circle, so we will work closely with them to better support you.  We will also coordinate care between you and your doctors, making sure that everyone is communicating with each other about your care.

Your dedicated RN works with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners and social workers as well as physicians who will coordinate with your primary doctor or nurse practitioner who will remain your medical “quarterback”. 

You will have access to your RN when you need it – you are never more than a phone call away from the support you need. The RN will also initiate contact with you to check in as needed to see how you are doing and keep your primary doctor or nurse practitioner and other providers informed.

Your primary care doctor or nurse practitioner will let Circle Home Telehealth Services know you are interested in receiving care coordination services.

Circle Home Telehealth Services will answer any questions you may have and get your verbal consent to participate in care coordination services. 

To get started, we will schedule a video appointment with you and our nurse practitioner, gather all your pertinent medical information and set up your first call with your dedicated RN.

Participation is completely voluntary, you can opt-out at any time.

Chronic Care Management is a covered Medicare benefit and, like other care you receive, may be subject to an annual deductible and copays.  If you have supplemental insurance or a Medicare Advantage Plan, the copay is typically covered with little or no out-of-pocket expense. Prior to starting any services, we will find out whether you have cost sharing and help you to better understand your coverage and costs you may have as well as to how best to handle these.